Intelligent Healing


If you’re looking for a sensible, thoughtful, and genuine solution to your illness and are willing to learn how to radically change your perceptions of your tensions and difficulties, then this book is for you.

This book fills a vital need!

everything that is missing for finding and achieving a deeper solution to our illnesses.

Instead of offering superficial, shallow-promising, low-yielding solutions, Intelligent Healing reveals a very essential, surprisingly rational, clear solution that follows entirely logically from an understanding of the nature and functioning of our intellect and emotions.

The book points out that there is a healthy functioning of our intellect that can resolve our tensions and manage our emotions as well. You can learn how to develop this and put it into action to heal yourself from this book.

The correct solution is always based on clear principles:

Intelligent Healing and Internal Cooperation ebooks on tablet

The book explores the basic unknown principles by which we can solve our external and internal problems deeply and completely.

It opens our eyes to by simply correcting the wrong attitude towards ourselves, we can find the deepest methods and balancing solutions to the problems of our lives that we thought were unsolvable.

It teaches you in practical steps how to attain the healthy and balanced thinking that is most lacking in our lives. Because stress and illness are the direct results of abnormal, unhealthy thinking, what we need the most is how to think healthily.

The fact that stress brings on illness is well known. But the better we learn to deal with our debilitating emotions, the better we can help our body regenerate and solve our difficulties as well.

A lifelong, irreplaceable aid

We can gain a significant understanding that we will be able to apply over a lifetime to solve both our tensions and anxieties, and our most difficult life situations and illnesses.

Reading this book is equal to an ongoing therapy session

In addition to its enlightening power, Intelligent Healing has an extremely accepting, encouraging, and emotionally strengthening and liberating effect. The book endows you with a vital attitude that will help you remarkably to get rid of seemingly unsolvable, stressful, or ill situations.
For those who are looking for a sensible solution to their emotional problems and who are not satisfied with the popular and spoon-fed knowledge available nowadays, but want to read and learn from a serious and practical book on this subject.
Because it focuses on practical application, it can be used by both professionals and patients.

Clearly the most useful book you can find on this topic, and it really has a place on the bookshelf in every family.

Part I: Intelligent Healing

In the first part of the book, we learn the basics of finding a deep solution and then mastering the prevention of illnesses. We learn about the characteristics of the buried causes of difficulties, illnesses, stress, unconscious repression, and the various levels of available solutions. To do this, we learn the following topics:

Part II: Internal Cooperation

In the second part of the book, we can learn by developing Internal Cooperation, how to correct tensions, how to solve them step by step, and gradually bring the balance of our physical, mental, and emotional self to a better and better level.
Author Nagy A. Csongor

Csongor A. Nagy

He has been a devoted and enthusiastic researcher of complex solutions and the contexts of problems for more than 30 years. As we will see from the book, he is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable experts on the intrinsic cause of problems, self-knowledge, and development. As a monk for 20 years, currently as a writer and consultant, he helps us live a more meaningful life.

In this book, he makes his many years of experience public which is an invaluable gift to us. He explores passionately and profoundly, very clearly and intelligibly, the unconscious emotional nature and functioning of our humanity. By learning and understanding the correlations of intellect and emotion so clearly and thoroughly, the solution becomes self-evident.

The author wrote the original book in Hungarian. The English translation of Part I is complete. You can buy it immediately at the following bookstores.
Part II is being translated right now and is expected to be published in the second half of 2021. Please donate for the translation.
Part I

Intelligent Healing


You can buy the e-book immediately at the following bookstores:

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Part II

Internal Cooperation


Part II is being translated right now and is expected to be published in the second half of 2021. Please donate for the translation.

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